2014 - Operation Wink Good Deeds 
To my friends and family: Words can't describe how grateful I am to all of you for taking part in Operation Wink. To honor the majority of your requests, I shall maintain your anonymity. Not only are your stories amazing, so are YOU. 

  • ​A friend paid for the person's lunch behind her in line at Chick-Fil-A. Then she handed the lady handing out the food a big tip.
  • A friend slyly arrived to McDonalds before her dad was to arrive with his buddies and ordered/paid for all their coffees.
  • ​A loved one visited and sang to a dying friend. She said it was a privilege to be able to help her friend on her journey home to God.
  • A friend and her daughter gave their waitress a 100% tip on their bill.
  • ​A loved one has a friend struggling financially. She sent her an Am Ex gift card, along with a gift card to a restaurant so they could go out to eat without feeling guilty. The recipient sent her an emotional text telling her how uncanny the timing was. They were worried about how they were going to make it until their next pay check.
  • A friend donated a $100 to the Humane Society.
  • 15 amazing ladies came together and paid off the local high school negative lunch balances, $650. (They came up with over $100 more to put those kids in the positive)
  • A loved one decided she'd pay off negative lunch balances for one of the local elementary schools.....on her own.
  • A friend smiled and waved at a jerk-driver at a stoplight instead of giving the usual response we typically give jerk-drivers. She smiled and spoke to everyone she encountered that day. And wrote hand-written letters to a few friends and dropped them in the mail.
  • A friend paid for the car behind her in Wendy's at dinner. The recipient thanked her and cried. :*)
  • A friend paid for a person's lunch behind her in line at Pizza Hut.
  • A friend paid for groceries for the lady behind her in line. The lady had forgotten something, so the friend had the cashier ring it up and bag it before she got back, and my friend left before the lady returned.
  • A friend made homemade applesauce for a young, new associate pastor who is very homesick.
  • A loved one took chocolates for the entire preschool staff and gave kit kats to the checkers at Walmart. 
  • A friends daughter knew her mom had a very stressful day and made dinner to be waiting for her when she got home. 
  • A loved one donated $130 to cancer research.
  • ​A friend prepared and sent dinner to a family member recovering from major surgery as well as someone coping with a cancer diagnosis. She also prepared dinner for and spent time with her mom. Lastly, she visited with a shut in from her church and took her a beautiful purple violet.
  • A friend made a lady's day in a restaurant by recognizing she was alone, smiled and spoke to her. The lady thanked her for being so polite and striking up conversation. She offered to buy her lunch but she'd already paid. 

​​Some more awesome people simply posted they did their random act of kindness with not wanting to disclose details. 
Georgia, ​Heather, Angela, Will, Jessica, Christy, Natalie, Vicky, Sonya, Kris, Christie, Moms of Mebane - thank you for also spreading kindness that day.

To all of you, may your kindness continue to leave an impression on the people you touched. <3

If I missed your story or you would like to add yours, please contact me. I'd love to share.      - Kristen