Operation Wink will be collecting donations for negative lunch balances again this year for our Mebane schools. 

Ways to pay:

Checks made out to the school and mail them to me. Email me for my address: kristhomriley@gmail.com

Other payment options:

- GoFundMe: www.gofundme.com/operationwink

- PAYPAL: www.paypal.me/kristenlov13

Schools we are supporting:

  • Eastern Alamance High School - $600
  • Woodlawn Middle School - $850
  • Hawfields Middle School - $300
  • EM Yoder Elementary - $350
  • South Mebane Elementary - $1,300
  • Audrey Garrett Elementary - $500

If your school is not listed, I urge you to send in a donation to your own school. There doesn't have to be a reason. Do it just because you have it in your heart. A $10 donation can help one kid alleviate their balance. Every donation helps!


March 20, 2017

I couldn't take the boys out of school for a complete day, so we cheated and did one good deed the night prior to. We scoped the checkout aisles of Walmart and decided on one lady who looked like she needed some extra cheer her way. We covered her groceries explaining that once a year we do a day of kindness. She was very gracious and sweet, on the verge of tears, hugging all three of us multiple times. :)

This morning, Hayden and Evan left for school and I hit the ground running at 7:30am, hitting several drivethrus in the hopes to make someone's Monday morning a little brighter. Cookies were delivered around town and before I knew it, it was time to get the boys out of class. The first 2 envelopes were delivered to Eastern and Woodlawn and we headed to one of Nana's favorite places to eat in Mebane, La Fiesta. After leaving a surprise tip for our waitress, we scurried over to purchase Frosty's for a few surprise stops. More lunch balance envelopes were delivered with elation from those receiving them, each containing a list of the names who contributed. (THANK YOU AGAIN!!) We then dropped off baskets to a few waiting rooms around town that included goodies for kids and headed back to Walmart to surprise another gracious lady with free groceries. She was absolutely precious. We stuffed a few mailboxes with scratch off lottery tickets for fun and also taped a few to gas pumps at Mom's favorite place to take the boys after school each day when they were younger.

When it was all said and done, we visited Mom and Dad with took them flowers. I had a moment, short and sweet and then I blinked and the day was over. I can tell after four years of doing this, the boys are more at ease and can truly appreciate the big picture of why we do what we do and how a small impact can have a huge ripple effect. 

I want to thank those of you who donated to the negative lunch balances and my dearest friends who made today happen for the boys and me. It made it all the more special.

Another successful Operation Wink in the books. 

Much love,

​Kristen and the boys

PS - I came home to another $100 for Woodlawn in my mailbox which took their total to $950. Ironically when I picked up Evan today, I saw where their balance was over $900. Perfect timing!