March 20, 2015 - THE BIG DAY!!!!

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who took part in Operation Wink.

  • Those who donated and continue to donate to the local schools negative lunch balances.  All in all, we have collected over $2,000 toward the deficits of 4 schools and continue to work on deficits for 2 other local elementary schools.
  • Those who sent messages on Friday with your own Acts of Kindness.  Honestly, this is what makes this day the BEST. I know the people you touched truly appreciated your kind gestures. Rides to doctors appts were given, meals were paid for, gift cards were given, extra snacks were packed for kids at school, and donations continued to come in for negative lunch balances at the schools! 
  • My kids for leaping out of their comfort zones to participate with their crazy Mama.
  • My friends and my hubby for all the love and support.  

A day that was once the worst day of the year is now one I look forward to the most!

Our day:

The boys decided they wanted to stay aligned with what we did last year. We added a couple extra tasks and changed up a few. From donut runs to Dollar Tree hide-n-seek to WAK (Walmart Acts of Kindness), the day was filled with lots of laughter, a few "uh oh, are we going to get arrested" moments and memories made to last a lifetime. I asked the boys if they think they would ever do anything like this with their kids one day and, without hesitation, they said "Yes". It would make me SO proud for them to carry on this tradition.

We ended our day visiting the cemetery and releasing balloons. Not a sad tear was shed, not a sappy word spoken, just smiles..... Smiles for miles.  :-)

We miss you, love you, celebrate you, NBT.




March 18, 2015: T minus 2 days until Operation Wink.

A huge THANK YOU to those who donated toward the local schools negative lunch balances! You are all amazing.

Our agenda is set for Friday with a plan to drop by local businesses and surprise random people with some love and kindness. My boys have chosen the acts of kindness for the day. I took the lead last year and have given them the reins this year. It's going to be a GREAT day!

Join us in extending your own kind gesture to someone on Friday, March 20th - open the door for someone, send a kind note to a friend, pay for a stranger's lunch... Wherever your heart leads you!


Sending smiles to heaven.....

Our new friends! :-)

Free Hugs and Kisses

Donations to women's shelter


Negative lunch balances, BE GONE!

(Thanks to some very generous peeps)

Dollar General Surprise!

Waiting Room Busy Baggies & Books

Dollar Tree Hide-n-Seek

Special Thanks!